HYPHEN SELECT is a mixed modality project, created by Dru Ali - Long Beach, CA based Music Producer known for his experimental instrumental production and atmospheric multi-genre mixes. Seeing past musical boundaries, he fuses all styles of music, including hip hop, world, soul, drum & bass, dub, ambient and beyond. As a DJ (who is also a Certified Yoga Teacher), you can find him creating live soundtracks alongside instructors at yoga studios / festivals across the country, complementing classes in real time so that both the music & movement seamlessly align together. During Sound Baths, he uses a MIDI Sprout to compose plant generated frequencies, layered with etheric soundscapes & low sub-bass tones to help practitioners reach a point of meditative stillness. He also facilitates The PyraLight Experience combining PyraLight & Subpac technologies to access unique energy potentials, as well as, deep visionary states.

Relax & restore with harmonizing PyraLight infrared magnetic frequencies for wellness, protection and resilience.

Immerse yourself in a sonic environment of meditative music generated by plants.

Resonate with Subpac audio technology that converts sound into high fidelity vibrations you can feel.